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Nice custom shower with 8x8 porcelain tile and stone border
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Custom handicap walk in shower
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Walk in shower with a built in bench and wall inserts for beauty products
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Custom bench in walk in shower with 12x12 porcelain tiles
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Walk in shower with 1x1 mosaics on floor with matching 12x12 porcelain tile walls
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Elaborate custom shower with handicap access handles. Beautiful glass and bronze linear strip accents
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View from room
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Custom shower floor
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2x2 multi color mosaic backsplash
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Light blue linear glass tile is the perfect balance in this customers kitchen
Our design experts helped the customer match their countertops and cabinets perfectly.
View some of our custom kitchen work.
Wonders with Ceramic Tile
View some of our custom showers below. Special features are described in expanded view.
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