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Laminate -beauty of wood with a durability that sets it apart
Laminate Flooring - practical and carefree
Laminate flooring so realistic you would think it was hardwood. It is the revolutionary new floor covering that combines the beauty of wood or more imaginative designs with a durability that sets it apart from all other traditional types of flooring. This type of flooring comes in dozens of styles and colors. Laminate floors consist of several layers merged together by a special process that makes the surface extraordinarily durable. Some of these laminates are 30 times more durable than a kitchen countertop. They are ideally suited for the wear and tear of day-to-day living: kids, animals, spills, heavy traffic and general hard knocks. Not only is the floor beautiful and durable, but it is also extremely easy to care for. You never have to wax, sand or refinish.
Show off classic styles and the latest technology with durable laminate flooring. Easy installation and carefree maintenance make it a smart choice for busy families.

"Where do I begin...My husband and I recently bought a home on the water which needed alot of interior work. When it finally came down to our flooring our funds were low. We thought we would have to wait untill the following summer to finish. Fortunately for us one of our neighbors gave us Genes business card and told us to give him a call and explain our situation. We set on a date for him to come out and take a look at the job and too see what he could do. After going through the house and a lengthly conversation, he recommended Armstrong Laminate flooring throughout the entire house (3, 000.00) sq. ft. He suggested this type of flooring because of the sandy enviroment which surrounds us. He quoted us a price which was much less than we thought. He was also willing to work out a payment plan (no interest)..imagine that...so we did'nt have to drain our account. I do need to tell you that since then we have become very friendly with the whole Hardy family! Now that does'nt happen everyday in the business world!! Gene thank you again..Sincerely Sue & John Holmes."
S.H: Wareham, Ma.
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